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Why Your Data Analysts Need to Know SQL

Recorded on Friday, July 23rd, 2021

Are You Ready to Improve Your Analytics Team's Time-To-Insight?

Join this one-hour webinar with Data Coach Co-Founder & SQL expert, Alex Christensen, to learn why SQL is important for data analysts, which SQL they should learn, and how to master SQL quickly on the job.

Thursday, July 23rd, 2021
1-Hour Recording

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Why Analysts Need to Know SQL

Event Speaker

Alex Christensen

Co-Founder @ Data Coach | Partner @ Tessellation

About the Webinar

So you’ve got a great team of data analysts but perhaps you’ve hit a lull. Is your team still pushing through an unnecessarily long reporting pipeline? Have senior leadership started pressuring you for faster insights? Perhaps your data engineers and IT operations team are drowning in a backlog of reporting requests, which is causing further delays!

SQL is important for data analysts for a wide variety of reasons and use cases. Most importantly, when business intelligence analysts can query their own data, they can significantly improve their time-to-insight and speed up the entire reporting pipeline. Additionally, understanding SQL allows you to unlock a much more powerful use of the best data visualization tools, like Tableau, Power BI, and Looker.

Simple SQL training can significantly improve your team’s performance. Long gone are the days in which your data analysts can get away with not knowing any SQL at all. If you’re in a position where your analytics team lacks practical skills in SQL, we highly recommend you attend this virtual event!

During this one-hour webinar, data expert Alex Christensen, will walk you through a multitude of use cases and easy-to-implement solutions. Additionally, he will discuss:

  • Why SQL is important for data analysts
  • What do data analysts do with SQL
  • Which SQL should data analysts learn
  • How to learn SQL quickly, even while working a full-time job

While this webinar is geared towards analytics managers and business intelligence leaders, it is also a great opportunity for data analysts and business analysts to grow.

About the Speaker:

With more than ten years of industry experience working in business intelligence, Alex Christensen brings an encyclopedic knowledge of self-serve analytics technology to the data analytics community.

Alex is truly a strategic thinker and a remarkable Data Coach. With specialization in Tableau, Alteryx Designer, and Snowflake, he will kickstart your team’s data literacy and help your organization streamline its analytics systems.

His professional background as a Tableau, Alteryx, and SQL educator, senior business intelligence engineer, and analytics consultant span across industries. He has worked in healthcare, retail, insurance, manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, human capital, and the public sector.

To strategize your team’s data transformation, Alex implements best practices, process optimization, strategy maps, and customized training.

As the co-founder and partner of both Tessellation and Data Coach, Alex champions our data engineering, data governance, and software training practices. Additionally, he supports our Data Coach learners as a content developer and coach for our SQL on Snowflake, Tableau, and Alteryx courses.

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