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How to Switch Careers into Data Analytics in 2021

Recorded on Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Want to Learn How to Switch Careers into Data Analytics in 2021?

Join Michael Green, data scientist and founder of #BreakingIntoDataScience, to get career advice on how to change careers in data science or data analytics in 2021.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021
1-Hour Recording

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Change Careers into Data Analytics and Data Science in 2021 | Data Coach Webinar

Event Speaker

Michael Green

Consultant at Tessellation | Coach at Data Coach | Founder of #BreakingIntoDataScience

About the Webinar:

Feeling stuck in your career? Dreaming of going into data analytics or data science? Join Data Scientist and analytics career expert, Michael Green, as he outlines the path for changing careers in 2021. He will discuss a successful formula on how to strategically upskill, build your portfolio, rebrand your LinkedIn, and find the right people to help land your dream job.

During this 1-hour webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Upskill in analytics even while working a full time job
  • Strategically choose the right data analytics tool to learn
  • Build out a compelling analytics portfolio with fun mini-projects
  • Market yourself as an analytics expert in your industry
  • Connect with the right hiring managers


About the Speaker:

With more than eight years of industry experience working in analytics, Michael Green has been mastering data analytics and data science across a multitude of industries. His work has spanned across manufacturing, supply chains, engineering, health care, sports, and agriculture.

As an analytics educator and career expert, Michael founded the #BreakingIntoDataScience initiative to help coach individuals on how to enter data science and analytics careers. He has since built a prominent following of over 65,000 individuals on LinkedIn.

Michael brings a wealth of knowledge of self-service analytics tools to the Data Coach community. As a Data Coach, he trains individuals and enterprises in both Tableau and Alteryx.

He finds joy in the journey of learning and finding creative ways to communicate complex concepts in a simple, relatable way.

Want to train one-on-one with Michael? Check out the Data Coach courses he coaches here.

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