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How to Become an Alteryx Wizard: Discover the Time-Saving Magic of Analytic Apps

Recorded on Wednesday, August 18th, 2021

Become an Alteryx Wizard: Discover the Time-Saving Magic of Analytic Apps

Join award-winning Alteryx Expert, Jacob Kahn, to learn how to save time by building intuitive, creative, and customizable user interface applications in Alteryx.

Thursday, August 18th, 2021
One-Hour Recording

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Event Speakers

Jacob Kahn

Consultant @ Tessellation

About the Webinar:

Taking your Alteryx skills to the next level often requires learning advanced capabilities and uncovering clever ways to save time. Lo and behold, analytic apps in Alteryx have an incredible potential to streamline processes and create more consistency across your organization. So what is an analytic app in Alteryx? An analytic app is essentially a parameterized workflow with a front-end user interface that someone can use to execute a workflow without you having to rebuild the workflow with new parameters. It is truly a time-saving tool that makes analysts’ lives much easier.

During this 1-hour webinar, Jacob Kahn will deep dive into the magic behind analytic applications in Alteryx. Reflecting on his own experience working with accounting departments, Jacob will demonstrate powerful use cases for analytic apps and provide guidance on how to build dynamic workflows with beautiful user interfaces. In this webinar, you will ultimately learn:

  • How to create an Alteryx analytic app that can streamline processes across your organization
  • How to customize analytic applications to your organization’s standards
  • How to lock audit processes and calculations for controls
  • Build dynamic workflows and applications that can be used more than once - from day to day, week to week, month to month, quarter to quarter, etc. 

About the Speaker:

Jacob Kahn is currently a consultant at Tessellation, where he drives the development of data processing and automation solutions. He has a wealth of knowledge in tax and audit consulting and brings a strong dexterity in Alteryx to the table.

While working at one of the world’s largest public account firms, Jacob found himself fascinated with improving workflows, optimizing automations, and mastering Alteryx. His natural gift for building intuitive yet innovative workflows led him to win the 2020 Alteryx Excellence Award.

As an active contributor to the Alteryx community, Jacob is an Alteryx Certified Partner and proudly leads the New York City Alteryx User Group. To follow his data analytics journey, you can also connect with him on Twitter or follow him on LinkedIn.

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