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Data Coach Plans and Pricing

Whether you’re an individual looking to skill up, manage a small team, or have enterprise responsibility, Data Coach has a plan priced to meet your needs. 


Our base package



Small groups (<25)



Organizational access and a part-time coach



Organizational access and a full-time coach

Cohort Based

Live Chat
Live Chat

Interact with a trainer at any time on the platform using our Huddle chat.

1-1 Coaching Sessions
1-1 Coaching Sessions

Schedule 1-1 time with a trainer to review learning content or help break-through on complex challenges.

Huddle Reminders
Huddle Reminders

Helpful content in question mark

Certification Reviews
Certification Reviews

Every certification earned includes review and feedback with a Data Coach

Program Support
Program Support

Cohort Kickoffs, Leadership engaged steering committees and capstone project showcases

Program Communications
Program Communications

Managed weekly communications and technical forums

Program Surveys and Feedback
Program Surveys and Feedback

Managed program feedback through surveys

Custom Progress Reporting
Custom Progress Reporting

Detailed progress tracking of individuals and teams.

Other Customization
Other Customization
  1. Single Sign-On
  2. Badges
  3. Design Standards
  4. Add your coaches
  5. Custom Lessons
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Ask our happy customers

“[Data Coach] is teaching our analysts how to build analytical solutions themselves”

Andrew Burke
Andrew Burke Associate Director - Analytics COEKraft Heinz Foods Company
Our dashboards are being created with a better mindset towards reduced maintenance and increased sustainability.
John McClelland
John McClelland Director of Business Intellegence, Apex Tool Group

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Data Coach?

Data Coach is a cross-technology training platform that connects learners with content, video, live coaching support, and their analytics community to ultimately become self-sufficient in their data environment.

How does Data Coach work?

Think of Data Coach as a peer development platform where you connect with coaches or experts that can help you build your first analytics project and get certified in top industry tools and concepts. Your coach will help you select a project and you will complete modular content and development tasks on your own time. When you need help or want to submit for feedback, the coaches are there to help.

How much of my time will I need to invest in Data Coach?

The Data Coach Program, which includes self-service course materials and a capstone project, typically takes 10-13 weeks to complete. This is because we only ask for 3-4 hours per week of your time to participate. This style of learning improves comprehension and ensures adequate time to apply your learning to your capstone.

What are the outcomes as a business leader implementing Data Coach?

  • Team & Culture
    • Speed to insight and a “work smart” culture
    • A more data literate team
    • Skill level-setting/balancing amongst the team members
  • Business Value
    • Each Learner delivers a capstone project as part of the program, so you get N dashboards x number of learners. 
    • Cost savings through the reduction of dependency on analytics contractors.
    • Ability to utilize your company's “big data sets” with modern tools that can handle volume. 
    • Automation and Time Savings
    • Staff can remove repetitive, manual data manipulation tasks so they can focus on bigger ideas and advanced analytics

How do I Purchase Data Coach?

Use the pricing matrix above to determine which of the following best fits you:

    1. An individual purchasing access for themselves
    2. A team leader purchasing access for a small team
    3. An enterprise leader purchasing access to the platform plus professional services or customization

Follow the respective link to either request a quote or purchase a course directly. When purchasing as an “Individual” you can use our process directly on Data Coach to complete a purchase. For those purchasing for groups or professional services, please use the “Request a Quote” feature and we will connect you with our sales team.

Which tools does Data Coach train users on?

  1. Desktop Data Visualization
    1. Tableau Software
    2. Microsoft Power BI
  2. Data Preparation
    1. Alteryx
    2. Tableau Prep
  3. Coming Soon
    1. Data Literacy
    2. Snowflake
    3. ThoughtSpot

How are the courses and learning paths structured?

  1. Our User Essentials courses cover basic data literacy, using the web-based analytics product interface, and how to answer your own ad-hoc questions of data as a consumer.

  2. Our Core courses are all about enabling the desktop developer.  These courses are capstone project-driven and require both e-Learning content completion and application of the concepts in the tool in a real-world business case.

  3. Our Specialist courses target advanced analysts and are a continuation of our Core series.  These courses are shorter, micro certifications going deep on non-core tool concepts to keep your skills sharp and achieve depth in areas that are relevant for you.
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