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Predictive Models in Alteryx: How to Choose a Regression Model

Recorded on Thursday, November 18th, 2021

Predictive Models in Alteryx: How to Choose a Regression Model

Learn how to use regression analysis tools available in Alteryx Designer.

Thursday, November 18th, 2021
One-Hour Recording

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Event Speakers

John Emery

Consultant @ Tessellation

About the Webinar:

Are you new to predictive modeling? Do you struggle in determining the best regression model for different scenarios? Does your organization utilize Alteryx but does not make the most of its various tools? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this webinar is for you! Upskill in Alteryx and walk away with newfound confidence in implementing regression analysis at your organization.

With analytic programs such as Alteryx, predictive modeling is a tool every data analyst should have in their back pocket. This webinar will demonstrate how to use regression analysis tools available in Alteryx Designer. From determining which regression analysis is appropriate for different scenarios to real-world use cases of each, this webinar will leverage the power of how your organization uses its data. 

One hour of your day unlocks the knowledge of essential tools in Alteryx. Join John Emery on November 18th at 12 PM CST to:

  • Learn what regression tools are available in Alteryx Designer
  • Understand what regression analysis is appropriate for a certain situation
  • Examine the outputs of the regression tools to evaluate the effectiveness of various models
  • Perform several examples to explore how to prepare the data, how to configure the tools, and how to use results in further analyses

Predict the behavior of a dependent variable based on one or more predictors by using Alteryx Designer. After this webinar, you will walk away with the skills and knowledge necessary to determine appropriate regression models, evaluate the effectiveness of regression model outputs, and comprehend various use cases for implementing the tool at your organization.

About the Speaker:

John Emery’s strengths lie in his problem-solving skills. He has a knack for being thrown into new environments and navigating his way to solutions efficiently. John has been working with data and analytics for five years post-graduate school. He has worked for the Department of Defense doing combat modeling and acquisitions studies, consumer finance, and has experience consulting on consumer packaged goods, healthcare, and the public sector. As a consultant at Tessellation, John develops solutions for clients, whether visualizations, data queries, or analytic workflows. John has also used his extensive statistics and mathematics background to create learning content for clients.


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