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Nick Haylund

Principal Consultant & Manager of Strategic Partnerships

With over nine years of industry experience and one of the highest accolades in the self-service analytics community, Nick brings incredible analytic dexterity to Data Coach.

As one of 47 international individuals awarded Alteryx’s highest honor,  the ACE title, Nick is a true expert in Alteryx Designer. His mastery in server deployment, automation, and software training expands into Tableau as well. 

Nick proudly runs a local Alteryx User Group and organizes community gatherings to make advanced analytics accessible to everyone.

As a Principal Consultant & Manager of Strategic Partnerships for Tessellation, Data Coach’s parent company, Nick champions our Alteryx practice and global partnerships.

You can connect with Nick personally by signing up for our Alteryx or Tableau courses.

  • Tableau Development
  • Alteryx Development
  • AutoML Development
  • R Programming
  • Alteryx ACE
  • Alteryx Advanced Certified
  • Alteryx Certified Partner
  • Alteryx Core Certified

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