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Katrina Johnson


As a business intelligence analyst and masterful storyteller, Katrina has spent the past six years working to bridge the communication gap in data analytics.

From data management and analysis to stunning visualizations and presentations, Katrina can help your team translate complex technical challenges into simple solutions.

Throughout her career, Katrina has gained valuable Tableau and Alteryx experience across a variety of industries. She has demonstrated success in working as a business intelligence analyst in the manufacturing, medical, shipping, marketing, and retail industries. 

To help make advanced analytics more accessible, Katrina leads a Tableau User Group in the Twin Cities  and organizes analytics community events.

Katrina is a consultant for Tessellation, Data Coach’s parent company. As one of our expert communicators, she works one-on-one with clients to help them utilize self-service analytics tools to make decisions from their data insights.

You can connect with Katrina personally by signing up for our Tableau or Alteryx courses.

  • Tableau Development
  • Alteryx Development
  • SQL Development
  • Snowflake Development
  • Tableau Desktop Specialist

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