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John Emery


With two masters degrees and five years of experience working in analytics, John offers highly technical knowledge of data visualization tools and data modeling.

As one of Data Coach’s prized dashboard and visualization experts, John specializes in both Tableau Desktop and Alteryx Designer. Additionally, his extensive statistics and mathematics background makes him adept at business intelligence reporting.

John has worked as a research and systems analyst for the Department of Defense; a business intelligence analyst in the consumer finance industry; and a consultant for healthcare, consumer packaged goods, and public sector organizations. 

To optimize your team’s data transformation, John creates custom learning content and provides in-depth technical support for Data Coach learners.

As a consultant for Tessellation, Data Coach’s parent company, John champions our client’s data visualization projects to help produce remarkable insights.

You can connect with John personally by signing up for our Tableau or Alteryx courses.

John Emery
  • Tableau Development
  • Alteryx Development
  • SQL Development
  • R Programing
  • Dashboard Design
  • Statistical & Mathematical Modeling
  • Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate
  • Alteryx Designer Foundations 

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