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How to Become a Data Analytics Consultant in 2021

Recorded on Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Eager to Learn the Unspoken, Soft Skills Needed to be a Data Analytics Consultant?

During this webinar, learn the essential non-technical skills that data analytics consulting firms require when hiring new analytics consultants from Tessellation partner, Alex Christensen.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021
1-Hour Recording

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Event Speakers

Alex Christensen

Founding Partner @ Tessellation & Data Coach

About the Webinar:

Want to know if you have what it takes to become a data analytics consultant? Are you curious to hear from an analytics consultancy partner as to what makes a good data analyst? Perhaps you’re just eager to strengthen your data analyst resume or data scientist cover letter. This webinar will cover the unspoken, make-or-break skills you actually need to get hired.

To start a successful career in data analytics, particularly in consulting, there are a set of obvious technical skills and experiences required. Those are typically included in the job listing and include requirements such as expertise in analytics technology; fluency in certain computer languages; a number of years of experience in particular industries; good communication skills, etc…

But there is a highly important list of unspoken skills that firms also require. These non-technical skills are often the final tipping point as to whether or not you land a job.

Join Alex Christensen, the founding partner of a boutique analytics consultancy, as he deep dives into the essential non-technical skills that you need to have to become a data analytics consultant in 2021. This invaluable webinar will give you insights into the make or break skills that you need to succeed in data analytics consulting. During this one-hour webinar, you will learn:

  • The five top-five personal skills you need to be a remarkable consultant
  • Why non-technical skills are essential in data analytics
  • How to assess your current soft skills and improve them
  • Different ways to demonstrate your non-technical skills while job hunting

This webinar is excellent for aspiring data analysts, data scientists, data engineers, and especially data analytics consultants that are all looking to bolster their career success.


About the Speaker:

With more than eight years of industry experience working in business intelligence, Alex Christensen brings an encyclopedic knowledge of self-serve analytics technology to the data analytics community.

Alex is truly a strategic thinker and a remarkable Data Coach. With specialization in Tableau, Alteryx Designer, and Snowflake, he will kickstart your team’s data literacy and help your organization streamline its analytics systems.

His professional background as a Tableau, Alteryx, and SQL educator, senior business intelligence engineer, and analytics consultant span across industries. He has worked in healthcare, retail, insurance, manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, human capital, and the public sector.

To strategize your team’s data transformation, Alex implements best practices, process optimization, strategy maps, and customized training.

As the co-founder and partner of both Tessellation and Data Coach, Alex champion our data engineering, data governance, and software training practices.

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