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Learn Data Fluency

Data Coach now offers a groundbreaking data fluency learning plan that is transformative for individuals, teams, and enterprises alike.

Our data fluency courses go beyond the basics of data literacy to drive excellence in the ability to read, interpret, communicate, and analyze data. They will help you foster a truly data-driven culture that benefits an entire organization, not just your data analytics team.

Our exceptional curriculum is designed by both data experts and professional educators, offering a holistic training that will transform your skills in data fluency.

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Key Course Details

In approximately two months, averaging just 3-4 hours per week, you or your team can complete our comprehensive training in data fluency.

Each course level includes a capstone project, in which learners use real company data to solve common organizational challenges.

203+ topics
110+ exercises
119+ videos
29+ hours
Learn Data Fluency Data Literacy Data Coach Analytics Training

Why Data Coach Provides More Value

Expert Mentors

Our one-on-one coaching program means you and your team will have premium access to education and data experts with the highest accolades in the industry. They’ll help strengthen your learning, troubleshoot projects, and offer real-time feedback. It’s a premium service that rarely exists in other learning platforms.

A Modern Approach

Our content is created by analytics professionals with the highest accolades in the industry. Additionally, our curriculum is designed to optimize the digital learning experience through video training, exercises, customizable capstone projects, and access to our Data Coaches.



Immediate Results

Each course level includes a unique capstone project, in which your team will apply their new skills to real company data and develop a meaningful business solution. Additionally, you can track your team’s learning metrics and identify high performers.

Reward Incentives

Our performance tracking tools allow you to monitor and reward both individual and team success. Our custom Credly badges incentivize learning progress and can be proudly displayed within the organization and across LinkedIn profiles.

Meet Your Data Coach Experts

These accredited coaches will support your learning path every step of the way. Through our platform, you can set up one-on-one calls, receive feedback on your certification process, troubleshoot challenges on your capstone project, and much more.

Luke Stanke

Tableau Zen Master

Autumn Battani

Tableau Expert

Aidan Bramel

Alteryx & Tableau Expert

Alicia Bembenek

Tableau Expert

Spencer Baucke

Tableau & PowerBI Expert

Katrina Johnson

Alteryx & Tableau Expert

John Emery

Alteryx & Tableau Expert

Nick Haylund

Alteryx ACE & Tableau Expert

Michael Green

Alteryx Expert

Alex Christensen

Alteryx & Tableau Expert

Elizabeth Divenski

Tableau & PowerBI Expert

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