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Introducing Our Thought Leader Masterclass

To elevate your learning experience, we’re partnering with the world’s most trusted and influential data experts to launch specialty courses for the Data Coach community.

Throughout 2021, we will release six exclusive masterclasses instructed by renowned thought leaders in Tableau, Alteryx, Power BI, and Data Literacy.

Our mission is to help you master the industry’s best data visualization and business intelligence tools with remarkable learning content.

Are you ready to immerse yourself into the wisdom of Tableau Zen Masters, Alteryx Aces, Power BI MVPs, and seasoned data experts?

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Tableau Advanced Calculations
with Zen Master, Luke Stanke

With over 15 years of industry experience, a data-driven doctorate degree, and one of the highest accolades in the self-service analytics community, Tableau Zen Master Luke Stanke is excited to teach our Tableau Advanced Calculations specialty course.

This course is perfect for learners with intermediate skills in Tableau who crave a deeper technical understanding of Advanced Calculations. Throughout the course, you’ll learn step-by-step how to:

  • Use Advanced Table Calculations
  • Create Level-of-Detail Calculations (also known as LOD Expressions) 
  • Ensure Your Calculations Perform Quickly
  • Apply Advanced Calculations to Gain Additional Insight into Your Data
  • Build More Powerful, Interactive Dashboards

9 topics
12+ exercises
80+ videos
14+ hours

Meet Your Masterclass Instructor

Luke Stanke is one of 34 international individuals awarded Tableau’s highest honor, the Tableau Zen Master title. He is renowned in the analytics industry for both his mentorship and dexterity in data visualization tools, data science, and enterprise data strategy.

Luke is a teacher at heart and has personally trained over 1,000 students on how to analyze their data on Tableau. He also orchestrates Workout Wednesday, a weekly data visualization challenge with thousands of international applicants.

As a prominent figure in the #DataFam community, Luke proudly champions analytics education across Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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Why Data Coach Provides More Value

Expert Mentors

Our one-on-one coaching program means you and your team will have premium access to Tableau Zen Masters, experts, and educators. They’ll help strengthen your learning, troubleshoot projects, and offer real-time feedback. It’s a premium service that rarely exists in other learning platforms.

A Modern Approach

Our content is created by analytics professionals with the highest accolades in the industry. Additionally, our curriculum is designed to optimize the digital learning experience through video training, exercises, customizable capstone projects, and access to our Data Coaches. 


Immediate Results

Each course level includes a unique capstone project, in which your team will apply their new skills to real company data and develop a meaningful business solution. Additionally, you can track your team’s learning metrics and identify high performers.

Reward Incentives

Our performance tracking tools allow you to monitor and reward both individual and team success. Our custom Credly badges incentivize learning progress and can be proudly displayed within the organization and across LinkedIn profiles.

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