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The Core Components to Successful Digital Transformation

Recorded on Monday, September 20th, 2021

The Core Components to Successful Digital Transformation

Learn about the seven key components organizations need to focus on to be effective at digital transformations.

Monday, September 20th, 2021
One-Hour Recording

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Event Speakers

Alex Christensen

Co-Founder @ Data Coach | Partner @ Tessellation

About the Webinar:

Digital transformation, counter-intuitively, has very little to do with the underlying technologies. The technologies themselves are the precursor, the assumption. We work in a modern environment where our everyday software accelerates value by improving processes and driving innovation. The keyword here is ‘accelerate.’ These tools get better every year, but ultimately the tools aren’t doing the driving. Your people are in the driver’s seat. Ultimately, people are improving processes and driving innovation, not the technology itself. 

From adopting digital technology to executing widespread data literacy amongst an organization, conducting a successful digital transformation is daunting. However, by implementing these core components, you will be prepared to advance a successful digital transformation at any organization.

This webinar will focus on the seven key components your organization needs to focus on to succeed in a digital transformation. Learn how to:

  • Integrate Appropriate Computer Literacy
  • Boost Data Literacy
  • Implement a Change Management Plan
  • Establish a Software Training Plan
  • Foster Data Stewardship
  • Cultivate a Data Community

About the Speaker:

With more than nine years of industry experience working in business intelligence, Alex Christensen brings an encyclopedic knowledge of self-serve analytics technology to Data Coach.

Alex is truly a strategic thinker and a remarkable Data Coach. With specialization in Tableau, Alteryx Designer, and Snowflake, he will kickstart your team’s data literacy and help your organization streamline its analytics systems.

His professional background as a Tableau, Alteryx, and SQL educator, senior business intelligence engineer, and analytics consultant span across industries. He has worked in healthcare, retail, insurance, manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, human capital, and the public sector.

To strategize your team’s data transformation, Alex implements best practices, process optimization, strategy maps, and customized training.

As the co-founder and partner of Tessellation, Alex champions our data engineering, data governance, and software training practices.

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