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Power BI Power Hour: Building Beautiful Business Reports

Recorded on Thursday, September 30th, 2021

Power BI Power Hour: Building Beautiful Business Reports

During this webinar, Spencer Baucke will walk you through how to create beautifully designed and highly functional dashboards in Power BI.

Thursday, September 30th, 2021
One-Hour Recording

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Event Speakers

Spencer Baucke

Principal Consultant @ Tessellation

About the Webinar:

During this webinar, Spencer Baucke will walk you through how to create beautifully designed and highly functional dashboards in Power BI. In under 60 minutes, you’ll learn the different features of this tool, plus a 3-tier approach Tessellation consultants use in their projects to create transformative Power Query, DAX functions, and drill-through capabilities in their Power BI dashboards.

Do you find yourself spending countless hours working on tedious Power BI reports? Are your dashboards difficult to navigate and are not functional to the end-user? If so, take less than 60 minutes out of your day to save countless hours in your career. This Power Hour will provide an in-depth tutorial from one of Tessellation’s top Power BI experts, Spencer Buacke, on how to completely revolutionize the way you approach report-building. 

Tessellation is dedicated to empowering Power BI users to master the art of building business dashboards. Take your skills to the next level in one of the world’s most coveted business intelligence tools.

Join data visualization expert, Spencer Baucke, in a ‘Power BI Power Hour’ that will show you precisely how to create an incredible business intelligence report in under 60 minutes. During this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Create intuitive business dashboard layouts
  • Implement report design best practices
  • Utilize Power Query
  • Implement time intelligence DAX functions
  • Unlock drill-through capabilities

This webinar will be highly valuable to analysts that build BI reports in Power BI. Nonetheless, we invite anyone interested in improving their report design practices or getting an introduction into Power BI to join the event. 

About the Speaker:

With more than five years of industry experience working as a data analyst, analytics engineer, and visualization specialist, Spencer Baucke brings a wealth of business intelligence wisdom to the analytics community.

A master at crafting insightful visualizations, Spencer teaches organizations how to leverage their data through the industry’s best data visualization tools: Tableau and Power BI.

Throughout his career, Spencer has contributed significantly to the Tableau community. He has been a speaker at three Tableau Conferences around the world, co-founded the sports visualization initiative #SportsVizSunday, and was awarded 15 Tableau ‘Viz of the Day.’

Spencer has championed data visualization with Tableau and Power BI within one of the world’s largest consumer packaged goods companies, a multinational conglomerate, a financial services company, and a city government.

As a consultant for Tessellation, Spencer leads server deployment, data governance, dashboard design, and product development projects.

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