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Alicia Bembenek, PhD

Product Manager and Consultant

With over a decade of experience as a psychology professor, researcher, and data analyst, Alicia has spent her entire career at the intersection of analytics and education. 

Alicia is a master educator with expertise in data visualization and business intelligence. As one of our Tableau experts, she brings a modern learning approach to the Data Coach curriculums.

Throughout her career, she has created over 60 Tableau video tutorials, directed five different 13-week Tableau trainings for an international CPG company, and developed two Tableau Server courses.

To elevate your team’s data transformation, Alicia has created an optimal learning environment using her extensive background in psychology, memory, and analytics. 

As a Product Manager at Tessellation, Data Coach’s parent company, Alicia champions the development of our self-service analytics training programs.

You can connect with Alicia personally by signing up for our Tableau courses.

  • Tableau Development
  • Software Training
  • Dashboard Design
  • Assessment
  • Program Management
  • Experimental Social Psychology PhD
  • Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate
  • IDEO Insights for Innovation

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