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Aidan Bramel


With a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems and more than three years of experience working in business analytics, Aidan has developed a true talent in Tableau Server and Alteryx Server.

Throughout her career, Aidan has led world-class server deployments with up to 80,000 users and security requirements ranging from public to highly restricted defense data. While working at a global manufacturing conglomerate, she also hosted self-service analytics training for users of all experience levels.

Aidan is highly engaged in the self-serve analytics community and leads a local Alterxy User Group in the Twin Cities.

To uplevel your team’s data transformation, Aidan consults on Tableau Server deployment and develops in-depth content for Tableau, Alteryx, and data fluency.

As a consultant for Tessellation, Data Coach’s parent company, Aidan leads many of our server deployment, data governance, dashboard, and product development projects.

You can connect with Aidan personally by signing up for our Tableau or Alteryx courses.

  • Tableau Development
  • Alteryx Development
  • Tableau Server
  • Alteryx Server
  • Alteryx Core Certified

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