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Master Your Business Intelligence with a Data-Driven Workforce.


Data Coach is a digital learning platform offering in-depth training in the best business intelligence tools and self-service analytics software.  We transform the analytic capabilities of your team using modern video lessons and one-on-one coaching from renowned experts.


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Maximize Your Data

Your team will learn how to extract remarkable insights from your company’s data, using the industry’s best business intelligence tools.

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Automate Tedious Reporting

Within weeks your team can automate repetitive tasks, like weekly reports, you can explore bigger ideas and dive into advanced analytics.

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Create Powerful Visuals

Study the most powerful data visualization tools to develop beautiful visuals, interactive dashboards, and compelling analytics.

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A Truly Unique Training Platform

Where Most Programs Lack Depth, Data Coach Provides Wisdom

Our modern curriculum is unparalleled. Comprising video lessons, hands-on exercises, and a capstone project designed around your company’s data, Data Coach also offers a truly premium service: one-on-one coaching.

From Tableau Zen Masters to Power BI Professionals, our coaching team is prepared to share decades of accredited experience to your team.

  • One-On-One Coaching
  • Self-Directed Learning Paths
  • Organization-Specific Content
  • Performance Tracking Tools
  • Rewards and Badges
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The Data Coach Difference

Our powerful data mastery program outshines other dull, generic software courses on the market. Here are the key ways Data Coach will provide your company with immense value.

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Essential Lessons

Professional educators and analytics experts designed our coursework to be built around real-world challenges encountered by your business.

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One-On-One Coaching

Dedicated coaches are on-demand throughout your team’s learning experience, offering invaluable insights and wisdom into data analytics.

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A Powerful Network

We foster an engaged and collaborative community of learners, alumni, and industry professionals, all accessible via multiple channels.

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Immediate Results

Within weeks, your team will learn how to automate repetitive tasks and tackle real company challenges through a powerful capstone project.

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Performance Rewards

Identify top performers through our custom tracking tools and reward them with Credly badges after they complete major milestones.